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Monday, April 18, 2011

Am I Dreaming?? I have news to share with you! First, let me begin by saying that this year has been one of so much growth for me. It has been a year of deciphering just what works in my life and what doesn' my art and in my relationships. It has meant some hard decisions had to be made and some painful truths had to be faced and at one point, I felt so stripped that I didn't know what I believed anymore or exactly where my niche was. I have been a primitive folk artist for so many years and had reached that point where the joy was just gone. I needed a change and a new outlet for my creativity and so, I went back to my childhood and started to get to know that little girl within and let her come out to play...and what emerged was a totally different art that just made me smile whenever I had a brush in hand...I have always had a tremendous imagination and it seemed all of my fantasies came to life...mermaids, fairies and angels...little children with pudgy faces and flowers..lots of flowers, with lots of color! I took a few classes and discovered the technique of collage and that added even more to my world of felt like waking up after a long sleep, refreshing and full of expectation for what each day's imaginings would create. So, Queen B. Artistry was born..."B" being for me...bertie. "Queen" being for what my daughter said I have always been...I guess I may have used that title a few times during my children's growing know...just a reminder of who is in charge? Anyway...I digress..which I am bound to do from time to time..Where was I? Oh..the exciting news! You know when you do something in your life and you just know it feels right and is the thing to do? Sometimes, you feel like you might be the only one who knows it is right and you just need that bit of confirmation to make it really feel right? Well...this new venture and art genre was a bit scary for me. It meant walking in a different direction, when the primitive look was still selling really well and represented security...big time. Well, I can say with great joy and relief that I got my a primitive art show of all places! I will just spit it out...I was approached by a beautiful lady at this show..she loved my new artwork and said it gave her such a happy feeling. This wonderful lady has a publishing company and are you ready???Wait for it...ok..that is long enough! She has asked me to illustrate A SERIES, I repeat, SERIES of children's books, featuring my little childhood characters! I can't tell you the details yet, as it is TOP SECRET and I would have to kill you..heehee. But, I can tell you that I am working on the first one and have already made plans for 2 more and who knows where this may lead? I am just flabberghasted and awed at how when you do what you love, the universe seems to align in agreement and God just opens the doors..ironically, this is usually after you have been heart broken because of other doors closing that you thought were reallllly good doors and you can't understand why they are now closed. Luckily, God knows what we don't...that there is something far more wonderful behind door #2..He is the ultimate Monty Hall, only he doesn't ever have a booby prize waiting for you. So! I must admit, I am a bit daunted at the task as it is new to me, this illustration process, but I know I am on the right mind is filled to the brim with ideas and inspiration and my little characters are just itching to get out on that paper, so they can dance and dance...I think I will join them and as I do, I know I will be pinching myself and repeating, "Am I dreaming???"


  1. how absolutely wonderful!!! a series too!!! featuring your art!!! God does open doors and he is letting the beautiful breeze take you up and away. so happy for you my friend!

  2. Roberta,
    This is wonderful news and it leads to hope for the rest of us. Enjoy your journey for it is definately well deserved. :)

  3. Great news and I know what you mean about "top secret". I can rarely share anything even though I work my fanny off.
    Can't wait until you can spill the beans!
    xopaula (fellow flyer)

  4. So nice to meet you, Bertie! Your sweet comments made me giggle, and when I visited your blog I knew I had to be a follower :)

    And a big ol' congrats on the series illustrations!! Way cool, dahling! Can't wait to see more as it all unfolds.

    Thanks for asking about my "bloom true, weeds and all". Yes, please use it as it's so true, isn't it?!?

    So here's to beautiful gray hair and lots of heART!!!!

  5. Wonderful and so exciting.... yay.
    You always knew you could do it and this would happen ( deep down ) i'm sure. follow your dreams...

  6. Such a lovley post. I hope I hear get to hear about your first book when it comes out. I was touched by your story the little flower girl art on your page..Blessings..


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