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Friday, October 5, 2012


DO YOU LIKE TO WIN AWESOME..I MEAN, REALLY AWESOME TREASURES? I know I am raising my hand..."Pick me! Pick me!" Well, here is one totally "MAHOOSIVE GIVEAWAY" generously offered by Effy Wild of Wild Souls Arts..(one of my favorite journaling sites, ever!) Sweet, adorable Effy is offering a free space in the LIFE BOOK 2013 class, plus a bazillion (well, maybe not that many!) other a spot in one of Andrea Schroeder's Creative Journal Kits (another of my favs) and so many other wonderfully generous and amazing gifts. Best of all, if you haven't already discovered Effy, you simply must join her Wild Soul is amazing and gives me inspiration everyday, plus more than a chuckle or two as her personality just spills out of my computer! To check out the giveaway, just visit and scroll down for more info. on how to enter. Also, don't forget to join Effy on and tell her bertie sent you!