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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Do I Wish to Know?

It's Wednesday and that means, time for another wishcasting at Jamie Ridler Studios. If you have never checked out her site, I really encourage you to do so as it is so uplifting and just an all around wonderful place to be. This week's question has an answer that came to me quickly...I wish to know Gratitude. With a capital "G". Not just, "Thanks, God.", but an all out, "OH MY GOSH, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY TOES TO THE TOP OF MY HEAD, THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERY BREATH YOU HAVE GIVEN ME!"....that kind of Gratitude. Sounds simple, right? Well, let me tell my life, it is an act of will and is only possible when I am truly present and plugged into my spiritual self. Otherwise, as soon as things go well and without incident, I tend to go on my merry way and forget to say, "thank you." On the other hand, when things go awry as they often do, and life throws some curve balls my way, I am abt to say, "Gee...thanks alot!" with just a hint, mind you, of sarcasm. Why God doesn't smack me upside of the head, I really don't know. Or maybe I do know...because He loves me...even when those little frogs jump out of my mouth...even when I am a perfect little princess..(yeah, like THAT ever happens!) no matter what or how I am..He loves me. ..the same...everyday. For that and so much more, I AM GRATEFUL. It took a long time getting here, to accept this kind of love and not feel like dog dookie because I thought I was so unworthy of it. But, when I finally got it...I mean, really got it..that I am not loved by God because of what I do or what I have or have not done..I don't need to meet some kind of criteria for my Creator to love me...that I am loved simply because I am...regardless. Nothing can change's a done deal..well, that transformed my life. It has become my soul's song..I say it in my profile..."It is enough, just being me." Not because I look at myself and think I am all the contrary. I often look in the mirror and fail to see it, but in my heart, I know it is in there. I have been stamped with indelible ink with the word, "beloved." In gratitude, I hope to help others find their mark, too. Some days I do better than others...I hope this is one of those days. If you are reading this, I hope you can take away the knowledge that you are enough, too...enough to be treasured beyond belief, enough to be accepted as you are incredible gift ...enough for the universe to be thankful for. Wake up each day thinking like that and we may just know gratitude like we have never, this day..I raise my eyes upward and answer the question...I wish to know gratitude and at this moment, I think I am on my way. Be blessed!