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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Go Light your World

Christmas is past and I must was hard to feel joyful and hold peace in my heart in the aftermath of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. Not that the world felt it any less, but living in Ct. and not being that far away made it hit even closer to home as you could feel the sadness in the air, dripping like honey...but, not in sweetness, but in grief, shock, disbelief and outrage.  I was so angry and immediately tried to vent my emotion and found myself waving a banner for gun control and the end of assault weapons...and I still do. But, somehow, I knew that was just a small bit of the answer. I then got angry that our country does not treat the mentally ill with serious conviction and that became a new banner to wave...and I still do. But, deep within my soul, I knew there was more and a banner that still needed to be raised. It was not enough for me to call my country to change...I needed to call myself to change and to, I signed petitions and wrote my representatives. But, that was not enough either. I still felt like I was missing something. I saw the vigils and people lighting candles for a full week..tear stained faces and looks of dazed confusion as hundreds of teddy bears lay in the rain...a memorial to the innocents that were no longer here. We all lost our innocence in some respect that day. I then went to God on the holy night of Christmas and asked for help. My heart felt so broken and I felt so was then that I heard the answer..the last and most important piece of the puzzle.
We must not just raise a banner, but raise our voices, raise our hands in service, carry our message to the the the unloveable...we must run towards the darkness to dispel it...and the only way to dispel it is with light...with the light that illuminated a stable and glowed around another innocent. He who is Light compels us to spread that light to others and that light  That is the answer. Love.  Love a million times over.  So...this is my Christmas wish and my promise...that I will try to answer the call...a million times over. I invite you to do the of hate and punishment and retribution only creates a larger darkness. Make a difference and go light your to the darkness...Go light your world...and raise your banner of Love.  Blessings be upon you in the coming year and may we be a world of peace and goodwill toward man.