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Saturday, March 26, 2011

How do you live your moments?

I just had to share something that really touched me...I mean, REALLY touched me. It is a message that I would want to share with my granddaughters, my daughters and with anyone that I think would have the heart to listen. Our world is in a whirlwind of trouble and pain...It is soooo easy to get discouraged and feel like life is just too big and the problems and angst just too much to take in. And, it is. It is too much to take in all at once. The earthquakes, the tsunamis, the war, the hatred, etc...already I can feel myself wanting to shut down from the weight. So...what to do? We can't shut our eyes and pretend we don't see..but WE CAN shift our vision and change our moment at a time. Easy to say, not so easy to do...can you slow down? Can you really look around you at all of the wonder and see a miracle in a ladybug? Or in a baby's giggle? Can you touch and taste all of the limitless treats and sensations that surround you that in your hurry, you blur past them to get to work or drive that child to dance class? I know I have had many a blurry day and have missed the miracle. I am going to try to do better and be more present, more aware and more expectant in the simple moments of is a new perspective..and it is about time. It is about gratitude and grace and seeing with a new set of eyes...maybe, just maybe, it will really be a miracle when the little things become the big things and instead of casting our eyes downward at the enormity of the pain in this world, we will cast our eyes upward at the beauty and limitless love that encompasses it all . Sounds good to me.


  1. I'm just so tickled to read one of your posts, I could bust. You have such a beautiful voice and make us feel things deeply and I love that. You have so much wisdom, so much goodness oozing out of you - that it makes reading your blog a real treat. You are so right, and for some reason we have come to "expect" that life should be all happy stuff and smooth, no brick walls, no roadblocks. And that just isn't what being here is about - the lesson is not on the mountaintop, it's in the valley ;-) I am so guilty of letting it all get to me - I have actually been thinking to myself - when did I last feel joy (really feel it) or was I every "happy" ?? After enough stuff and much loss you get kind of numb but this video really helped me put it all back in perspective along with your post. Thanks for staying in touch - God bless.

  2. Every day has potential to hold miracles - just the act of waking - hearing the birds singing and seeing the beauty in God's creation makes my heart sing - what a wonderful world - yes, touched by tragedy - but, if we only looked at that we could sink - thank you for sharing this very moving post,


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