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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well...I have been waiting to share this news with you all for some time...I have asked for prayers for the safe arrival of two little angels in the wee form of my twin grandsons, Ben and Jake and I am prouder than a peacock to be able to say that they are indeed here and my heart is full beyond measure. They did not have an easy time coming into this world and their mommy, my daughter Katy, fought hard to give them as much time as she could to grow and prepare for the miraculous wonder called, "Life." They wanted to make an appearance early and arrived a month and a half before expected, but they came in a just under 5 lbs. (for Jake) and just under 6 lbs. (for Ben).

Let me introduce you to sweet little men who have stolen my heart. This is my dear little Jake. He had a hard time getting used to feeding, but he is making great strides and is a real little fighter. His little face in this picture reminds me of how he must've felt with all of the tubes and poking around he endured in those first few days. He has such a sweet disposition and loves to cuddle and be touched. Soooo sweet, he just melts you to see this tiny little man.
Here is the youngest of the twins by a whopping one minute! Meet Ben. He is such a little charmer and so beautiful with his perfect complexion and dark black hair. He just likes to chill out and sleeps quite a bit, but when he is awake, he has the most gorgeous eyes and just looks deep into your soul.
The boys are fraternal and could not be more different if they tried. Jake has blond hair, is fair skinned and has a long, slender face and petite frame and head. Ben has the black hair and olive complexion and a good sized round little face and his nose and mouth are totally different than Jake's. The nurses got a kick out of how different they are and remarked that we will always be able to tell them apart!
But, for all of their differences, they do have one thing in common...they both love to suck their thumbs and they love to be close together. When they are put next to each other, their hearts find their way to beat at exactly the same rate and they just seem totally at peace to be so close. In the picture above, they are spending time skin to skin on the chest of their mommy...don't they look like they are just in heaven? What is too sweet for words is that Ben, who is at the bottom of the picture is so contented by that thumb in his mouth...and Jake appears to be just loving it, too...that is because Ben is sucking on Jake's thumb. Now that is brotherly love...Please continue to pray for my little men to come home soon and that they will continue to always be so close. They are a miracle...and I give thanks to the good Lord above for blessing our family with their remarkable presence. Sleep well, little ones...Grammie loves you.


  1. Congratulations. What beautiful little boys. I love that the one is sucking the thumb of the other one. That should be a contest winner of something. Being a Grammy is just the blessing of all blessings. Enjoy those babies.

  2. Oh! congratulations, Bertie! Bless you - I know what you went through. My daughter-in-law delivered little Mackenzie three months early and spent those three months in NICU! What a testimony to God's Grace through it all - and how thriving she is today, turning one year on August 29. Your "little men" (I love that) are precious - sharing so much together - may they grow to share the Love of the Lord in all good things and beauty!
    Miss Kathy

  3. OMG so beautiful Bertie! What an incredible blessing... Big congrats to you and to the parents.
    xoxo Valerie

  4. Seeing your new grandbabies makes me a little misty for my own babies- now so big! What a delight. They are pretty big for twins, even though they came early. I understand that is pretty common for twins. They look so different from each other. Maybe that is an effect of photography. What do you think? Are they different looking, or will people have a hard time telling them apart?

  5. Congratulations Bertie, my twin grandsons, Matthew and Alexander were born on the 4th May at 34 weeks. Their Mom spent nearly a month in hospital trying to give them as long a gestation as possible. They are perfect and they have stolen my heart in a big way, so I understand your joy. Congratulations again!

  6. Oh Bertie and family, You've been doubly-blessed for sure! Is there anything sweeter than new life?!! I think not! So happy to hear that your newest little bundles from heaven are doing well. Sounds like there is joy upon joy in your future!!! Oh the antics of two little boys who will be best best strap on your best sense of humor right now! Xo, Sue

  7. What a beautiful post... congratulations! It took me back I must say; I gave birth to Fraternal Twin Boys six years ago, and although at the beginning it is such HARD work, harder than I could ever have imagined, it is so wonderful to have twins. My boys are now six, and although Fraternal, they do look very alike, but the are the best of friends and are a joy to be around. There really is nothing like it. Hugs, Mandy x


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